Data Engineering using Databricks

Build Data Engineering Pipelines using cloud platform-agnostic technology, Databricks, core features such as Spark, Delta Lake, cloudFiles, etc.

Live Support Sessions

Capstone Projects

Bundle Roadmap

1. AWS Essentials for Databricks

2. Databricks Certified Associate Developer for Apache Spark

3. Data Processing using Pyspark Data Frame APIs

5. Advanced Databricks Features - Delta Lake and Cloud Files

4. Data Analysis using Spark SQL

7. Apache Spark Performance Tuning Guidelines

6. Streaming Pipelines using Kafka and Databricks

8. Evaluation and Placement Assistance

Bundle Includes

Data Engineering using Databricks

What's included in Data Engineering using Databricks

Engaging and Effective Training

Video Lectures

Well structured and simplified self paced video lectures.

Lab Environment (ITVersity Labs and Databricks)

Hadoop and Spark Multi Node Cluster and Databricks Single Node Cluster - The best environment to practice and implement the learnings.

Offline Support via Discuss

Offline support for every lecture through the Discuss forum on the course player.

Live Support via Expert Live Sessions

Live Session to ensure you're on the right track

Capstone Projects

Structured Capstone projects, defined at different level of the program will provided you hands on experience.

Placement Assistance

Placement assistance post the completion course will be provided case by case if required. It involves interview preparation such as profile building, mock interviews, etc.

Costs Associated with the Program

To get the AWS Services hands on experience, it's required for your to purchase AWS Cloud environment, additional to this program.

It would cost approximately $30 - $50 to practice the complete content available in the program
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Data Engineering using Databricks

Data Engineering is all about processing the data depending on our downstream needs. We need to build different pipelines such as Batch Pipelines, Streaming Pipelines, etc as part of Data Engineering. As part of this course, you will learn all the Data Engineering skills using cloud platform-agnostic technology called Databricks.
Founder and Chief Instructor, ITVersity, Inc

Durga Gadiraju

Technology Adviser and Evangelist with 20+ years of IT experience in executing complex projects using a vast array of technologies including Big Data and Cloud.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Frequently asked questions

Who should enroll in the Data Engineering using Databricks?

Below are the desired and targeted audience for this online self paced program
 Experienced Application Developers
 Experienced Data Engineers 
 Other Professionals and Master's Students, who want to pursue their career in the Data Engineering field

Is it mandatory to have prior experience?

Good understanding of Postgres SQL and Python is required. 

What lab environment access will I get as part of this program?

You'll get lab access for Hadoop and Spark Multi Node Cluster environment (ITVersity Labs) and Limited access for Databricks Single Node Cluster. 

How long do I get the course and lab access?

Program and the lab access varies from 6 months to 1 year.

What is included as part of the Limited Job Placement Assistance?

Post the completion of the program, individual who opts for the placement assistance will go through the assessments and evaluation of the skills covered as part of the program. Based on the performance and evaluation result, the individual will be considered for the job placement assistance listed below. However, the assistance is limited.
 Tips to build profile and optionally review the Profile (Resume)
 Mock Interviews (1 or 2 Mock Interviews on request)
 Access to out Network (Refer in ITVersity Network on request)

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