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AWS Essentials for Data Engineers

A Comprehensive course to learn AWS Services for Data Engineers such as AWS s3, IAM, Lambda Functions, Step Functions, Boto3, etc

Course contents

Key Takeaways

Develop & Deploy

Develop Python Applications and Deploy as Lambda Functions by using a Zip-based bundle as well as a custom docker image

Cloudwatch Log

Monitor and troubleshoot the issues by going through Cloudwatch logs.

Core Logic

The entire application code used for the demo along with the notebook used to come up with core logic.

AWS Services

Ability to build solutions using multiple AWS Services such as Boto3, S3, Dynamodb, ECR, Cloudwatch, Glue Catalog, Athena, etc

About the AWS Essentials for Data Engineers

As part of this course, we will cover most of the commonly used services with hands on practice which are available under AWS Analytics.

What's covered as part of this course?

  • Getting Started with AWS: As part of getting started you will be going through the details related to starting with AWS.
  • Storage: AWS S3 is one of the most prominent fully managed AWS service. All IT Professionals who would like to work on AWS should be familiar about it. We will get into quite a few common features related to AWS s3 in this section.
  • User Level Security - Managing Users, Roles, and Policies using IAM: Once you start working on AWS, you need to understand the permissions you have as a non admin user. As part of this section you will understand the details related to AWS IAM users, groups, roles as well as policies.
  • Infrastructure - AWS EC2 Basics: AWS EC2 Instances are nothing but virtual machines on AWS. We will go through the basics related to AWS EC2 Basics, continue with AWS EC2 to understand how we can manage EC2 instances using AWS Commands and also how to install additional OS modules leveraging bootstrap scripts.

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