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Data Analysis using Spark SQL

Deep-dive into Spark SQL to understand how it can be used to build Data Engineering Pipelines.
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Intermediate Level

7 hours Time

Flexible Schedule

What’s Included

  • Multi-Node Cluster Access - 12 weeks
  • Reference Materials
  • Practice Tasks & Exercises
  • Expert Live Sessions
  • Study Groups
  • Guided Support


  • No technical prerequisites are required, however, programming knowledge is highly desired
  • Decent configuration Computer with a quality internet connection (At least 4 GB RAM and Dual Core, 8 GB RAM and Quad Core is highly desired)

About this course

  • Data Analysis using Spark SQL tutorials provide deep understanding of how Spark SQL can be used to build Data Engineering Pipelines. Spark with SQL will provide us the ability to leverage distributed computing capabilities of Spark coupled with easy-to-use developer friendly SQL - style syntax.

What you’ll learn in this Course

  • Basic Transformations using Spark SQL
  • Managing Tables - Basic DDL and DML in Spark SQL 

  • Managing Tables - DML and Create Partitioned Tables using Spark SQL

  • Overview of Spark SQL Functions to manipulate strings, dates, null values, etc

  • Windowing Functions using Spark SQL for ranking, advanced aggregations, etc.
Founder and Chief Instructor, ITVersity, Inc.

Durga Gadiraju

Technology Adviser and Evangelist with 20+ years of IT experience in executing complex projects using a vast array of technologies including Big Data and Cloud
Patrick Jones - Course author
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