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Programming Essentials using Python

Learn Python as a Programming language to build web applications, mobile applications, data engineering applications, automation, etc. Develop Python skills from beginner to advance through this course.
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Beginner Level

14hrs Time

Flexible Schedule

What’s Included

 Multi-Node Cluster Access - 12 weeks

 Reference Materials

 Practice Tasks & Exercises

 Expert Live Sessions
Study Groups

 Guided Support


  • No technical prerequisites required, however, programming knowledge is highly desired
  • Decent configuration Computer with a quality internet connection (At least 4 GB RAM and Dual Core, 8 GB RAM and Quad Core is highly desired)

About this course

This course is primarily designed to build core programming skills using Python, and learn to build web or mobile applications, data engineering applications, automation, etc. using Python. It will serve as a foundation for role specific courses for different types of IT Professionals or Roles. As part of this course, you will be learning all the necessary skills for programming using Python

What you’ll learn in this Course:

  • Master all the key concepts starting from Scratch. 
  • Build a complete understanding of Python programming from basic constraints to pandas libraries and database programming operations. Learn to work with Python functions, pre-defined and user-defined. 
  • Master ability to use all the Python collections or data structures: strings, lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries. Effective usage of database programming using CRUD & Batch operations from loading bata to bulk or batch operations.  

Course contents

Founder and Chief Instructor, ITVersirty, Inc

Durga Gadiraju

Technology Adviser and Evangelist with 20+ years of IT experience in executing complex projects using a vast array of technologies including Big Data and Cloud.
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